Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality (AR) is a digital technique that gives a percieved reality to a virtual software generated image. Augmentation can consist of: text, 3D images, movies, multimedia elements, geolocalised data etc. Augmented reality does not need markers in order for it to work: it bids farewell to the unsightly QR code. It’s the image in its entirety that acts as Trigger Image recognition and allows AR to work. Through AR on your hand-held device (smartphone or tablet) you can frame print pages, logos, tshirt and images, see movies, listen to audio, play with 3D objects, make direct purchases, share on social networks, browse through entire catalogues etc.

Another notable possibility is to be able to place different content onto the same image: the poster stays the same but over the course of a month in AR it shows a video, the following month it shows a 3D object for a temporary promotion (even only in one day), and so on. SPAM is able to develop AR for all types of material: catalogues, brochures, flyers, print campaigns, posters, billboards, logos, books, magazines and, on top of this this, thanks to the exclusive partnership with PostCardCult, the nationwide distribution of promotional postcards in AR.SPAM also develops publishing products in AR, find out our WELC Map and Magazine.

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We enpower paper with digital features.

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Be AR is an Augmented Reality application that allows you to digitalize any type of material. Scan advertising campaigns, magazines, brochures, catalogues, t-shirts and shopping bags that carry the Be AR logo and enjoy a multimedia experience: you can watch videos, shop online, listen to audio files, browse photo galleries, play with 3D objects, download applications as well as much more. This isn't all, use Be AR with GEO localization and find out about places of interest near you.

Enjoying Be AR is simple: Open the app - Capture the material that carries the app's logo - Enjoy the multimedia content. For GEO localization, just press the GEO button and capture the place in front of you in order to receive multimedia information added on top of what you see in the real world.

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