Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality (VR) is the term used to indicate a simulated reality. Today the advancement of computer technology allows you to navigate in a re-constructed 3D scenario so realistic that it looks real, with the ability to interact in real-time with the objects inside, to live a “real” immersive experience. Virtual Reality is born from the combination of hardware and software devices that create a virtual space where the user can move in total freedom. Everything is done thanks to VR viewers and simple accessories (joypad, gloves, earphones or other) specially developed for living and interacting into the virtual world.

So just as it happens in reality, the virtual environment can be explored in a subjective way that expands the feeling of involvement and make the interaction more direct: the user just has to turn his head to see a cascade on his side, or look up to enjoy a starry sky. Whether you are walking in a residence still under construction, take a stroll with Roman centurions in an ancient amphitheater today destroyed, swim with sharks or simply see how a fair will be set up for a special event, SPAM is able to develop any kind of VR project, for different industry, from Real Estate to archeology, from medical to industrial to tourism.